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What is Extense?

Male Enhancement Pills, Editor's Choice

Extense is designed to put the problem of male enhancement to bed once and for all. The product is available online through the manufacturer’s website, and the claimed benefits include increased desire, more pleasure during sex, and improved performance in bed.

Extense is made from a combination of natural ingredients that the company claims increase penis size briefly while the product is being used. In short, this male enhancement product is supposed to help a man be everything he can be in bed, allowing him to be more confident and to have a better sex life.

Extense Ingredients

Extense ingredients include a range of natural components. These ingredients include:

  • L-Arginine
  • Ginseng
  • Oat Straw
  • Nettle
  • Yohimbe

It’s important to note that Extense includes a very high level of Yohimbe, an ingredient with side effects that include paralysis and arrhythmia in some cases. Yohimbe is found in a lot of perfectly safe all-natural male enhancement supplements, but the exceptionally high concentration present in Extense makes us worry about the safety of this product.

Buy Extense

Anyone who wants to buy Extense can get it directly from the company’s website or from numerous late night infomercials. You can try the product risk-free for 7 days, but that seems a bit pointless since even the manufacturer says it takes 8 weeks to see results. Also, the risk-free trial turns into an auto-subscription for Extense if you don’t cancel it in time. This means your credit card will be charged each month for a new bottle. The Extense website hides this fact in small print on a separate page. Always be careful before trying any free trials.

Does Extense Work?

It’s kind of hard to figure out the truth about Extense. On one hand, they say it works…but just for some men. They also say it increases penis size…but only temporarily and for just some men. And when you add in the high cost of the product, the tricky “risk-free trial”, and the dangerous levels of Yohimbe, we simply can’t recommend trying Extense. The truth is there are far more proven male enhancement supplements available at a fraction of the price of Extense.

For any male enhancement supplement, whether it’s Extense or something else, always make sure you do your research before trying it. Free trials often times aren’t really free, and some products contain dangerous side effects that just aren’t worth the risk. Always read male enhancement product reviews before whipping out your credit card.

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