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Learn How to Get Natural Penis Enlargement

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Let's face it, size matters. Whether you are trying to keep your sex-life with your partner sizzling or you're looking to make an outstanding first impression, you need a penis that rocks their world. Sadly, there are not a lot of options available for natural penis enlargement.


Seriously, weights. The penis is not a muscle, so you can't work it out to make it naturally bigger like you can a bicep. However, you can gain some length by tying weights to your penis and literally stretching it out. Unfortunately, this is, at best, mildly uncomfortable. Plus, if you get the amount of weight wrong you could either be walking around with discomfort and no results because the weights are too light, or you could have too much weight and end up tearing tissues and ligaments. Too much weight would NOT lead to natural penis enlargement, just erectile dysfunction...and pain. The bonus to this method is that it would take between six and eight hours a day for around six months to see any results which may end up being around half an inch...if you're lucky. A similar, and equally bad option, is a penis extender. I don't know about you, but given the risks of tissues tearing, the discomfort, and the reward of only half an inch; I'll keep looking for ways to naturally enlarge my penis.

endowmax, male enhancers Lose Weight

But wait, I just told you to hit the weights to naturally enlarge your penis. This is different; losing body fat can actually make your penis appear larger. Belly fat conceals part of the shaft of your penis. It is important to remember that this doesn't technically enlarge your penis. It only makes it look bigger when you're strutting your stuff. Once you get down to business, you should be able to fully employ even the part of your penis that was hidden by your belly fat. While most of us could afford to lose a few pounds and live a healthier lifestyle, this still is not an effective method for natural penis enlargement.

Herbal Supplements for Natural Penis Enlargement

Knowing that the options available are limited, that leaves either artificial techniques or herbal supplements to naturally enlarge the penis. Artificially, there are so called penis enlargement pumps that are supposed to work to increase the blood flow to the penis. After you have essentially sucked as much blood into your penis as the pump and your penis will allow, you then place a ring at the base of your shaft to keep the blood from circulating out of your penis. Be careful, because you are basically tying a tourniquet around your penis and after 20 to 30 minutes you will start to experience tissue damage - not an ideal scenario for up to a half inch of temporary growth.

If tissue-damaging pumps don't appeal to you, you can also try surgery. The downside to surgery is that it can be expensive, you will probably need to travel to a third world country to find a doctor willing to do what the mainstream medical profession heavily frowns upon, it will be painful, and it might not work. The upside will be a little more girth and/or length along with the considerable risk of erectile dysfunction. Sounds to me like the extra half inch you might gain from a successful surgery is not worth a lifetime of not being able to use your penis because of the permanent damage that ensued.

That leaves us with only one option for natural penis enlargement: herbal supplements.

Natural pills are great as an effective and risk free way to enlarge the penis:

  • They have been in use for hundreds or thousands of years. They've been tested from ancient tribes to recent medical studies. This means that they have been extensively researched for their effectiveness at naturally enlarging your penis without the risks other methods have.
  • Herbal supplements have side benefits, too. Not only do they help naturally increase blood flow to the penis (as opposed to a pump that does it unnaturally) to create a powerful erection, but because they act as vasodilators (dilating blood vessels), they also help overcome erectile dysfunction. Much like other methods, there are side-effects. For example, some ingredients can lead to euphoric feelings during ejaculation. Others increase testosterone and shorten your refractory period - the time it takes to recover and be ready for another round. These side-effects, unlike the side-effects from other alternatives, are positive side-effects that will increase your abilities in the bedroom.
  • They aren't mood killers. Personally, I don't want to be in the middle of a romantic moment and have to take a time-out to take off the weights or break out a pump.
  • Herbal supplements are a great tool for penis enlargement because they don't come with the damaging side-effects that other artificial or natural penis enlargement methods come with.

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