Enhancers for Men: Creams & Oil

Male Enhancement Products

Male Enhancement Pills, Editor's Choice

In order for you to get your arms around all the male enhancement products on the market you will have to do some extensive research. Some things to consider before you start are what type of male enhancement product you are looking for and in what form – an all herbal pill, a prescribed medication, creams, oils or maybe a combination.

Male Enhancement Pills

You have probably seen the commercials and read the ads in a variety of men’s magazines, male enhancement pills are everywhere. There are Enzyte, Viagra and Endowmax just to name a few. Some male enhancement pills such as Viagra require a doctor’s prescription, others such as Endowmax are said to be all natural, safe and available over the counter.

endowmax, male enhancers The best male enhancement pills are designed to produce larger and firmer erections, boost the amount of sperm your body produces (thus more powerful ejaculations), increase your sexual stamina and provide you with an intense desire to have sex.

Male Enhancement Cream

Male enhancement cream is very similar to male enhancement pills except that the cream is topical; you massage it into the penis area. Many producers such as Erexanol, Maxoderm and MaxSize, claim that their male enhancement cream works faster, almost immediately because unlike a pill, the cream does not have to be digested.

Most of the male enhancement creams on the market are all natural and share the same ingredients as the pills. Some have what they call a “delivery system” – which is an ingredient that gets the active ingredients into your blood stream very quickly so you feel the desired results fast.

Male Enhancement Oils

Male enhancement oils such as Endowmax and VP-RX oil work like male enhancement creams – you simply take a few drops and massage the product into the penis area. Male enhancement oils on the majority are all natural and state that they will improve sexual potency, provide a firmer erection and give you more stamina.

As with many of these other male enhancement products, male enhancement oils can get very expensive; especially when you consider that a lot of these oils come in two ounce containers. With that in mind you should carefully examine your choices and decide if you prefer male enhancement oil or perhaps another male enhancement product.