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When erect, the average man's penis is about 5.6 inches in length. But for many men, average is not enough. For these men and others whose manhood is smaller than average, a bigger penis is so desirable that they resort to extreme methods such as surgery or pumps. These options are often dangerous, expensive, and ultimately disappointing. In contrast, the best penis enlargement options are safe, effective and provide long-lasting results.

Natural penis enlargement techniques have been proven to give a man a larger penis, both in length and girth, with minimal risks. The most popular option for achieving the best outcome is the use of the best penis enlargement pills, many of which use natural compounds that provide fast results with little to no side effects. There are also exercises and devices that you can use to achieve natural penis enlargement. When combined with a diet high in vitamin E, minerals like Zinc and Selenium, and amino acids like L-Arginine and L-Carnitine, these methods can provide natural penis enlargement. By enhancing blood flow, increasing testosterone levels, and helping to provide maintain the health of your connective tissue, these ingredients help to maximize your natural penis enlargement regimen. Many men consume these nutrients by eating red meat, milk, eggs and certain fruits and vegetables, while others take natural penis enlargement supplements.

Penis Enlargement Exercises

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Many men wonder if natural penis enlargement exercises will work for them. They do, but much like any other exercise regimen, these exercises require a great deal of commitment and hard work in order to achieve the best results. Also, like other exercises, there is a risk of painful injuries if the penis enlargement exercises are not done properly.

One of the best penis enlargement techniques involves stretching the penis. It works using the same principles as penis enlargement surgery, only over a longer period of time, aiming to gradually stretch the tendon that is responsible for keeping the penis 'up' when it's erect. When done properly, stretching is a safe way to achieve the best penis enlargement results. There are also devices available to assist with penis enlargement, including weights and traction devices, but these should be used with caution. For the best penis enlargement using stretching, keep a daily routine and allow ample recovery time in between sessions.

It is important to stop if you feel any pain during these sessions. In addition, you should combine this natural penis enlargement technique with a proper diet to allow your body to recover properly. While it may take a few months on its own, you will achieve the best penis enlargement results possible if you combine penis stretching with the best penis enlargement supplements.

Jelqing for Natural Penis Enlargement

Another popular method of natural penis enlargement is jelqing. One of the best penis enlargement methods known, it is rumored to have originated in the Middle East thousands of years ago. The concept of Jelqing is focused on forcing blood into the erectile chambers of the penis, causing them to expand over time. This allows more blood to fill the penis during erection, resulting in a larger, wider penis and better climax control. But much like stretching, jelqing is a natural penis enlargement technique that requires time, hard work and determination. For the best results from Jelqing, a man would need to dedicate 30 minutes a day to this exercise. Buy if you stop jelqing, even for a few days, the results you have achieved will begin to recede. Similarly to stretching, you should stop Jelqing if you experience any pain.

The best penis enlargement possible with jelqing comes with proper technique. You should always perform this exercise on a semi-erect penis. It helps to use a warm compress or take a hot shower or bath before you begin to increase blood flow. Lubrication is also recommended to avoid irritation while using this natural penis enlargement exercise. Start by forming a circle with your thumb and index finger at the base of your penis. Using a firm, slow stroking movement pull your fingers downward from the base to the head of the penis. You want to use a grip that is tight enough to force blood flow toward the head of your penis without feeling pain. Remember that this exercise provides the best penis enlargement when performed on a semi-erect penis, so you should stop if you feel you are fully erect or close to ejaculating.

While very time-consuming and protocol-intensive, jelqing has been shown in some studies to work for up to 8% of men, providing natural penis enlargement in both length and girth categories. Like stretching, you can maximize the natural penis enlargement you experience by using the best penis enlargement pills available.

The Best Natural Penis Enlargement

Natural penis enlargement exercises are the best free penis enlargement method, providing results with the least amount of risk. While they do take time, dedication and hard work, you can achieve penis enlargement without the pain or danger associated with surgery and pumping devices. When combined with the best penis enlargement supplements available, most of which use natural penis enlargement compounds, the results can be faster and more dramatic. The use of these supplements will also prolong the results, allowing you to eventually stop using the exercises if you want to. To see which male enhancement pill ranked best, click here.