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Does Penis Size Matter?

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The question for the ages – does size matter? Well if you ask that question to the dozens of companies that are making millions of dollars off of products that claim to increase the size of a man’s penis, it would be yes. It seems that these companies have really touched a nerve, especially with men who feel inadequate or self conscious.

Does size really matter to women?

It may all come down to performance in the bedroom. If a man knows how to have sex, if he knows the secrets of his partners body and what she prefers, even if she doesn’t tell him (he knows because he has taken the time and made an effort to explore) then chances are she will be satisfied.

When size does matter

endowmax, male enhancers It probably matters in porno films and for some women who crave a larger penis. Everyone is different and every body is different. Some men want a larger sized penis because they lack confidence. Some women may want their man to have a larger penis because it really does please them, but a rather large penis may hurt other women – and that is not pleasure.

Does size really matter: the final word

Men are usually the ones contemplating whether size matters. Some men can walk around with a brick for a brain but 10 inches in their pants gives them all the self-assurance they need. Of course that penis won’t help them get a better paying job or to become more successful; it may not even help them win over the prettiest girl in the bar, especially since their conversation is limited to sports, sex and cars.

Does size matter? It matters to those who are so preoccupied with the size of their penis that it negatively impacts the rest of their lives. In that case these men can find a partner who does not worry about if size matters, who is more concerned about the way they are treated – in and out of the bedroom.

Or men who agree that size does matter can research the different methods available to them to make their erection larger and more powerful. Read our male enhancement pill reviews.