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Does size really matter? The question has been around for ages and the answer is clear: it absolutely does. A large penis is generally associated with manliness, sexual vitality and can be an attractive quality to a sexual partner. Some men are lucky enough to have a large penis naturally. Likewise, a small penis is often a source of embarrassment--an undesirable feature when involved with a sexual partner-- and can even leave some men with an underactive libido due to their shame. Some men who have average or smaller than average penises seek methods to enlarge their penis. One option is the use of an enlargement pump. A penis enlargement pump is a cylinder-shaped device, usually made of acrylic, which fits over a man's penis. These devices use an attached pump mechanism to create a vacuum of suction, causing blood to rush into the penis until it is totally engorged. This process results in a larger, harder erection than the man would normally experience. The concept behind a penis enlargement pump seems like a good idea, but are they the best male enhancement option? The simple answer is no. There are several risks associated with the use of an enlargement pump, including permanent penile damage. The results, while immediate, are not long-lasting or natural.

Penis Enlargement Pumps

The highest quality, safest enlargement pump is only available through a doctor. This type of pump is usually prescribed to treat erectile dysfunction, not to enlarge a man's penis. They are intended to be used for only a few minutes at a time until an erection is achieved, at which point, a compression ring is applied to the base of penis to maintain the erection. The results achieved are only temporary. Conversely, a penis enlargement pump is not intended to cure erectile dysfunction or even to provide prolonged male enhancement effects. Using a medically- approved enlargement pump can result in side effects like numbness, a cold sensation due to lack of blood flow, bruising, trapped semen, and intense pain. Misuse of a medical enlargement pump can lead to vascular damage, ligament damage and testicular injury if the scrotum is accidently sucked into the vacuum cylinder. If you purchase a novelty penis enlargement pump or try to create one yourself, you should know that not only are these devices are not medically tested or approved, there are even more risks associated with their use.

Regardless of where your enlargement pump comes from, it can be difficult to measure or control the pressure inside the cylinder, which can lead to injury. In the worst case scenario, a man could even lose his ability to achieve an erection. Beyond the risks associated with using an enlargement pump, it can often be embarrassing for a man to use the pump in front of his sexual partner, leading to a decrease in sexual confidence. For these reasons, use of an enlargement pump is not generally recommended.

Penis Enlargement Pills: A Safer Alternative

The best male enhancement results come with the use of high-quality enlargement pills. While some men may have reservations about taking enlargement pills, they are considered much safer and bring more dramatic, long-lasting results than those you will get from an enlargement pump. The best male enhancement and enlargement pills work by combining natural compounds known for providing the best male enhancement results.

These compounds include amino acids, herbs, minerals, and vitamins known for increasing testosterone, improving stamina and blood flow, and stimulating libido. The amino acids you should look for in the best male enhancement and enlargement pills include L-Arginine and L-Carnitine, known to stimulate testosterone production and to increase blood flow, and L-Lysine, which, when combined with zinc, is also proven to increase sperm count and vitality. The natural compounds Catuaba Bark and Horny Goat Weed can be found in some of the best male enhancement and enlargement pills and are highly renowned for their effects on everything from amplified libido and blood flow to penile enlargement and increased semen volume. Overall, these ingredients are safe and effective and can be used by men of all ages with a great success rate. Even the best male enhancement and enlargement pills will take between 4-6 weeks to begin to show effects, but the effects are long-lasting and low-risk, especially when compared to the many potential risks associated with the use of an enlargement pump. On average, men who use the best male enhancement and enlargement pills will achieve 1-2 inches of growth in both length and girth after 3-6 months of use. If you're considering using an enlargement pump, you should try enlargement pills instead. The best male enhancement can take a little more time, but the cost and results are worth the wait. For the top rated products, click here.