Enhancers for Men: Creams & Oil

Defining Male Enhancement - What Does It Really Mean?

Male Enhancement Pills, Editor's Choice

If you're searching for "male enhancement", google will provide you with over 2.8 million results in less than a second. And that can make your search for the specific male enhancement that you need seem very daunting. However, knowing what your needs are can help you narrow your search, leading you straight to the results you want.

Male Enhancement and Your Anatomy

endowmax, male enhancersBut first, it's a good idea to figure out what the phrase "male enhancement" means. In general, most people think that those words are a classier way of talking about penis enlargement. And, yes, lots of men who are looking for "enhancement" are in fact concerned with the size of their member. But that begs a further question: are they trying to enhance their length? Or their girth?

Even when focusing directly on enhancing your anatomy, there are so many more factors to consider than just size. Some men are perfectly happy with the dimensions of their member, both in its flaccid and erect states. But maybe they can't get the full, hard, long-lasting erections that they used to. Or maybe they want their erections to last longer when getting intimate with a partner. All of these are top priorities for men searching for male enhancement products.

Overall Male Enhancement (and the Supplements that Produce It)

The reason there are over 2 million results for the words "male enhancement" is because there are so many different ways to enhance the male body, and they are not limited to just your reproductive parts. The thing that makes a man "manly" is that men produce massive amounts of testosterone. This masculine hormone is responsible for your height, for growing larger, stronger muscles, and for growing facial hair. And there are plenty of supplements out there which focus on enhancing testosterone and also sculpting a masculine physique.

One of our favorites, and a popular addition to any serious bodybuilder's supplement stack, is a product called Ultra Edge XL. It's great for regular gym-goers who want to shred away fat and build a muscular, manly physique. It does this with a combination of branch chain amino acids (BCAAs) and by sending them straight to your muscles by increasing the Nitric Oxide levels in your blood. But that Nitric Oxide increase has some other - and unexpected - male enhancement benefits, too.

Bodybuilding Supplements and their Unexpected Benefits

Nitric Oxide (NO) is, among other things, a vasodilator. That means that it opens up your blood vessels and allows more blood to flow where your body needs it. During a tough workout, for example, NO will send more blood to your muscles. But when getting intimate with a partner, higher levels of NO will send more blood flowing into your member. This equals harder erections, and larger ones, too. And the extra burst of energy you get from bodybuilding supplements like Ultra Edge XL can give you what you need to improve your endurance and overall performance, as well - both in and out of the bedroom. Learn more.