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What is Jelqing?

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Considered to have Arabic origins, Jelqing is a centuries old technique said to enable men to achieve penis enlargement naturally. Jelqing has been seen by some as a viable alternative to surgeries and pills to stimulate natural penis growth. While the debate rages on as to the reliability of this penis growth work out and the authenticity of jelqing origins, practitioners and detractors alike are taking a close look at jelqing techniques.

Most penis growth enthusiasts stand behind jelqing exercises 100 percent, claiming that it not only increases length, but girth as well. Some even say that they were able to gain 2-4 inches in length and 1-2 inches in girth. Whatever the validity of these claims, it doesn’t hurt to try the centuries old art of jelqing to facilitate penis growth.

If you have 20-30 minutes to devote towards penis enlargement a day, then you can use the jelqing technique to your advantage. Perhaps you can give up a TV program in pursuit of long-term penis growth.

How to Jelq

endowmax, male enhancers To begin the jelqing technique you must first:

Warm up the penis

Warm up the penis for the rigorous jelq workout by applying heat to the penis. The best way to do this is in a bathtub or shower, but if you don't have time (or access to a bathtub), you can apply a water soaked warm towel to the penis for a few minutes at a time to make it pliable. Ten to fifteen minutes should suffice for the warm up phase.

Lube your tube

Be sure to have plenty of lubricant handy for Jelqing. Baby oil is nice because it is naturally water resistant. This is important for men who wish to perform the jelq while win the bathtub or shower. .

Semi-erect works best

A semi erect penis is the only way you can safely perform the jelqing technique. Jelqing a hard penis will cause damage to it.

Jelq Technique

Make an OK sign with your thumb and forefinger and use this circle to grip the base of the penis. Gently stroke out towards the glans (head) of the penis, increasing pressure as you continue to stroke. Be sure to alternate hands, with 3 seconds between each grip.

Initial jelquing workouts should include 100 reps. Be sure to cease any of the exercise if pain occurs (it isn't supposed to hurt). Slowly build up to 500 jelq strokes a workout. Make it a weekly progression, 100 the first week, 200, the second week, and so on and so on…

Be sure not to orgasm during a jelqing session - if the urge hits, stop and resume the jelqing technique at a later time.

Final thoughts on Jelqing

If you follow these basic instructions and commit time to the jelq workout, you should see results eventually. If you are diligent and remember why you are attempting penis enlargement in the first place, you will find sure success. However, if this is too much time or trouble, consider penis enlargement pills, which work without the need for regular exercise. They even contribute to improved results when jelqing.