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Penis Extender

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Let’s face it - a penis extender looks like a torture device that a particularly vicious villain would use on his arch enemy. If you can get over the appearance and are willing to pay the asking price – penis extenders can cost a few hundred dollars – then perhaps this type of penis growth system is for you.

Penis extenders are devices that are intended to apply a continuous stretching force, which is known as "traction", to the penis. This stretching is supposed to make your penis grow in length. The devices are adjustable and supposed to be comfortable – they should easily slip over your penis and fit at the base.

You can wear the penis extender beneath your clothing or wear it at night while you are sleeping. The idea is that the stretching creates spaces between the stretched penis cells. The spaces are then filled in by other penis cells that have split up to fill in the empty spaces. Ultimately, the new cells add more tissue to your penis, thus more length.

Types of penis extenders

endowmax, male enhancers There are a variety of penis extenders on the market. They use the same “traction” method and are expensive. Some brands of penis extenders are:

  • X4 Labs extender
  • Jes-Extender
  • Ultimate Stretcher System
  • SizeGenetics
  • Euro Extender

Most producers of penis extenders suggest that you use the device between two and four hours a day for up to four months. Results may vary but it is said that you can increase your length by one to two inches.

You can wear your penis extender at work if you have a non-physical job or at home where you have more privacy. It can be worn while you are watching TV or sleeping, but it may be a bit uncomfortable if you sleep on your stomach.

Penis Extender: Final Word

If you do decide on purchasing a penis extender then it will be necessary to follow the prescribed routine so be certain that you have two to four hours available to wear it. If this sounds like a major hassle, consider male enhancement pills instead.