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Surgical Penis Enlargement

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When it comes to surgical penis enlargement there are two types -- penis lengthening known as enhancement phalloplasty and penis widening known as girth enhancement. The girth enhancement procedure is usually done by injecting silicon into the penis and scrotum to increase the width of the penis.


Doctors usually tell patients who are interested in surgical penis enlargement that approximately one third to one half of the penis is inside their body. Penis lengthening involves the release of the ligaments that hold the penis inside the body. Once these are released it frees the penis to extend beyond the body. One of the problems is that the ligaments have a purpose; they support the penis and make it rise up when an erection occurs. Once the ligaments are released the penis tends to point toward the floor when it is erect.

Girth enhancement

endowmax, male enhancers Girth enhancement has had more agreeable results when it comes to surgical penis enlargement, although there are troubles surrounding it, too. There are two main methods of penis widening: the injection of liposuctioned fat, or silicon under the skin of the penile shaft and skin grafts, which is done by placing layers of skin grafts and fat within the penile shaft.

It seems that the surgical penis enlargement grafting method works better because fat injected into the penis region tends to disappear. Neither method is foolproof and they both come with risks and outcomes that are not entirely satisfying. Everyone has probably seen pictures or heard about surgical penis enlargement nightmares.

Surgical Penis Enlargement Alternatives

Before going through surgical penis enlargement you should check with your doctor and get as much information on the procedures. You don’t want to make the wrong choice, especially when it comes to surgery. There may be other methods of male enhancement that you could try before surgical penis enlargement.

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