Enhancers for Men: Creams & Oil

Male Enhancement Oils

Male Enhancement Pills, Editor's Choice

Male enhancement oils are marketed to give you firmer and longer lasting erections, control over your ejaculations, an improved libido and the chance to have a larger penis both in length and in girth. Like male enhancement creams, the oils also do not have to be digested like male enhancement pills and are supposed to work very quickly.

Pricing and the amount per container varies. Some producers have two ounce containers while others are larger. Male enhancement oils can get pricey so make certain to take the price and the amount per container into consideration. One company may have a one month supply for the same price of a three month supply of another brand. In that case look at the ingredients to see if one brand of male enhancement oil is more potent than the other, or they may be similar; if so you can save yourself some money by purchasing the three month order.

Male Enhancement Oil Ingredients

endowmax, male enhancers Male enhancement oils share many of the ingredients that creams and pills use. Some manufacturers have unique ingredients or a different amount of the same ingredients in their product – sometimes a high percentage or a lower. You should always study the ingredients in every male enhancement product. The ingredients include but are certainly not limited to:

L-Arginine: This ingredient boosts circulation in the body and helps in nitrogen synthesis and nitric oxide production. It also promotes blood flow to the penis, which strengthens erections.

Hawthorne extract: This extract is known for its support of male sexual health. It may also delay orgasms.

Epimedium extract: This is used to arouse male sexuality and may increase testosterone production throughout the body, which in turn generates sexual desire.

Ginkgo biloba: Ginkgo also promotes circulation in the body and improves blood flow.

How to Use Male Enhancement Oils

Most manufacturers of male enhancement oils recommend that you massage a small amount to the penis area five to fifteen minutes before having sex. The oil should work quickly. One thing to remember, research oils that do not impart a nasty taste – your lover would not appreciate it. Look for male enhancement oils that are water based - remember that oil based products make condoms deteriorate.

Male Enhancement Oils - Final Word

Male enhancement oils are a good choice for men looking for targeted and immediate male enhancement. Products like Erexanol claim to "deliver powerful ingredients where and when you need it most." As the effects of male enhancement oils are temporary, for permanent longer and thicker erections, consider using the oils in conjunction with male enhancement pills like Endowmax.