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Vita-T Review

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When things are going great in a man's life, having great sex and a lot of it is one of the best perks. On the other hand, when things are not going that well, great sex and lots of it can really help to get one's mind off their troubles and really help to alleviate the stress. So, whatever the case may be, when a guy discovers that his desire to have sex is diminishing it can really take something very much prized away from his life. And, if that lack of desire is accompanied by symptoms of greater sexual dysfunction up to mild to moderate erectile dysfunction most men would really want to do something to deal with it.

But, to deal with the issue one has to understand exactly what the problem is. And, in most cases, these issues in men over thirty are usually associated with the loss of capacity to produce testosterone at the same high level as they once had. This is important because testosterone is key male hormone that is critical to a man's ability to build large amounts of lean muscle mass, burn fat at a high rate while creating a strong sexual drive and the ability to perform the way that he did.

The key here is that, up until recently, there was little that could be done about it beyond some of the promising yet unknown benefits of certain herbal treatments that seemed to have some positive effects on the male systems. We say recently because around the turn of this century there were some truly amazing advances in science and its connection to some of these herbal studies. The result of these advances is what many within the health aid industry call the modern male enhancement supplement.

These supplements which are generally made with all-natural ingredients are almost always formulated to help boost the systems of aging males so that they can improve the capacity to produce testosterone at or near the same levels that they had been during their peak physical years.

With all of this in mind we, as part of our ongoing efforts to help our many valued readers find the types of products that will probably work best for them, have decided to take a long hard look at one of the most talked about male enhancement supplements available today - it's called Vita-T.

Vita-TVita-T Basic Information

When we say basic information about Vita-T we mean it. Using a standard search of the internet we were unable to locate any official presence in the form of a dedicated product website or any other manufactured sponsored information. In fact we were unable to ascertain even the name or any pertinent information related the manufacturer. Beyond that it must be noted, and not in a good way, that we could find no details related to basic ingredients or other data regarding safety or effectiveness.

Active Ingredients in Vita-T

As we mentioned above, there appears to be no information that we could find including an ingredient label for Vita-T. This includes the seller page for the product as found on Amazon.com. However, we did find some apparently manufacturer sponsored product description posted to the Amazon site page. In essence that information can be summed up this way: Vita-T has a powerful mixture of multivitamins that help to improve testosterone production levels and gives support for the prostate with a package of six unique and highly effective blends of vitamins, minerals and herbs. This group of well-known elements tend to work together to help restore virility and also support liver and heart health. Other details include the following: These statements have not been evaluated by the FDA. These products are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.

Research, Studies and Clinical Trials

Whether one knows the ingredients of this product or not there is much to be said for knowing what the ingredients of a product are. Obviously, this helps to determine how safe and effective the product is but there is another factor that is as important if not more so - the way in which the product is formulated. This is crucial because even if a product were to be stocked with the very best available a low grade formulation could call for insufficient quantities of key ingredients which would likely render the product ineffective. The way to truly know how well the formula might work would be to examine any available research, studies and clinical trial results.

Going over all available information through multiple sources we could find no data that would support the claims being made as to the safety and effectiveness of Vita-T.

What Independent Users Are Saying

Most consumers know that a favorite selling technique of most companies includes the use of testimonials or user reviews by existing customers which they believe has a great effect on the opinions of potential customers. The problem there is that these comments generally appear on official websites and other materials used in marketing and which are mostly controlled by the seller. This means that there is an obvious and inherent bias to these comments which render them useless to savvy consumers and reviewers. For this reason we always look for less biased sources of testimonials and user reviews.

Using a standard search of multiple industry related sites with no apparent affiliation to Vita-T plus a number of chat rooms known to discuss male enhancement supplements we found numerous independent user reviews for the product. Calculating the ratings for them it became clear that the majority of them had a low opinion of their experience using Vita-T. In fact, the most prominent theme among the negative reviews was simply that Vita-T did not show any significant benefit even with those who used it for an extended period.

Health And Safety Concerns With Vita-T

There is no way to truly assess the potential health or safety concerns associated with Vita-T without knowing the set of ingredients used in its manufacture. This being the case we can have no credible opinion. This being the case, it is, as always, highly advisable to consult with a physician or other qualified medical professional before starting use of this product or any other product of a similar nature.

Purchasing Options For Vita-T

Among the many less than desirable aspects of Vita-T is the fact that it is said to be available for sale through a number of well-known online retail outlets but a visit to Amazon.com at the time of publication shows that there is a product page but that the item is out of stock and the pricing is unavailable for quote.

The Final Word On Vita-T

Men over thirty years of age now have many options when it comes to helping with issues related to sexual dysfunction brought on by lowered testosterone production and diminished blood flow problems. The question here is whether Vita-T is among the best choices available. To do this one just has to look at three basic categories of factors. The first concerns the ingredients in the product and in this case those ingredients remain unknown. The second is whether or not there is any detailed research, studies or trials that would support the claims being made. Again, there is nothing credible or verifiable that we have to work with here. The third and last factor is what independent user reviews are saying about their experiences. Once again, the news is not good for Vita-T as the majority of user reviews that we could find had a very negative view of this product.

In a brief overview it is clear that Vita-T has failed to impress on every level which means that there is no way that it can be thought of as a high end male enhancement supplement.

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