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Vydexafil Review

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We've all heard that life is short and that we should make the most of the time we have. And, the older you get the more true that statement becomes. Sure, in our younger days, it always seemed like we would live forever and that we'd always be healthy and strong. But, once we hit thirty we started to realize that we starting to show actual visible signs of aging. Maybe you started to lose some hair or you saw your first gray hairs. Maybe you started have problems with a knee or a shoulder or maybe your came to realize that you were getting a little wider around the waist. Yes, there were probably multiple signs that your peak years were slipping away but none of them were as concerning as the first time you had a problem forming or maintaining an erection.

Let's be straight here, nothing is more devastating to a man's ego than the anxiety and loss of confidence in his ability to deliver the goods to his woman. And, after the first time is happens it's always there in the back of your that it could happen again. That's when you start to make rationalizations about it telling yourself that you must have been tired or that you just weren't in the mood. But, deep down you know the problem goes deeper than that. This is when you start to look around for a solution.

Now, it may not be any real comfort but the fact is that you are not alone. In fact, every man over the age of thirty has to grapple with the fact that his body is not going to perform the way it did in his teens and twenties. The good news is that there is a way to overcome many of the problems associated with this - it's called a male enhancement supplement.

Sure, since the beginning of time men all around the world have sought out ways to deal with these issues and every culture has attempted to come up with various remedies from spells and potions to herbal remedies and, in some case, actually found some natural substance that seemed to have a real effect.

Flash forward to the present and advances in science and medicine and what you have is a combination of technology and natural science working together to produce products that can restore many of the lost elements needed to make your body work in much the same way it did in your younger years. This happens by providing your system with certain chemicals that can kick start the production of testosterone which has naturally begun to slow down around the age of thirty and keeps slowing down by about two percent each year after that. Using a high quality male enhancement supplement can simply restore these processes. The problem then becomes knowing which of the seemingly endless choices is right for you. That's why we have decided to take a long hard look at one of the most talked about products on the market today - Vydexafil.

VydexafilInside Vydexafil

Produced and distributed by Advantage Nutraceuticals, LLC of Provo, Utah, Vydexafil appears to be a rather standard entry into the world of male enhancement products. Its official website is has a clean, modern and well-designed format offering an ingredients page offering solid explanations of their ingredients list and a label showing the complete breakdown of quantities and percentages. This may not be something one would consider spectacular but it is more than many companies in this industry can claim.


A full listing with more in depth descriptions can be found on the Vydexafil official site.

D-Aspartic Acid (1200mg) - Aspartic acid is an endogenous amino acid that may be involved in the release of luteinizing hormone and testosterone.

Tribulus Terrestris - Part of the Caltrop family this annual plant and is used as an herb in Ayurveda, a branch of medicine that originated from India. Tribulus terrestris has been mostly recommended for male virility.

Eurycoma Longifolia (100mg) - Known as tongkat ali in Malaysia, eurycoma longifolia has been used for centuries to enhance sexual activities by men in Malaysia.

Other ingredients include Agmatine Sulfate, Fenugreek and Horny Goat Weed.

Clinical Studies

The official website for Vydexafil points to multiple studies related to the effectiveness of the various ingredients used in the formulation of its product. It should be pointed out that these citations do not come with links to the actual studies which would allow consumers to see the actual source material. Also, it must be noted that the studies in question are related to the individual ingredients themselves and not the performance of the formulation which utilizes them.

What Users Are Saying About Vydexafil

One of the most common forms of marketing used in the digital age is user reviews and personal testimonials. Go to any product's webpage and you are likely to find a section or whole page dedicated to glowing testimonials stating how the product changed someone's life or at least totally solved their problem. Well, as any experienced consumer knows, these testimonials or user reviews found on a products website are obviously hand selected to shed the best possible light on the product. This being the case we set out to find a less biased source of user reviews.

After a standard search of unaffiliated industry websites and chat rooms discussing this subject we were able to find a rather large number of user reviews for Vydexafil. The vast majority of these were quite negative in tone. In fact, the most common theme among these user comments was simply that they did not perceive any notable benefit from using it.

Vydexafil Pros

  • All-natural ingredient list
  • Full disclosure of ingredients on official website
  • Competitively priced versus many similar male enhancement products

Vydexafil Cons

  • Clinical studies cited do not support the effectiveness of the Vydexafil formulation
  • Poorly rated among independent user reviews

Safety Concerns

Although Vydexafil is made with an all-natural ingredient list it is always advisable to consult with a doctor or other qualified medical professional before beginning use.

Pricing and Dosage

Vydexafil is competitively priced at $39.95 for a one month supply with increasing discounts for multi-bottle purchases. The recommended daily dose 3 pills per day.

The Final Conclusion

Going back to the original statement in this review, life is short and we should all make the most of it. Part of that includes being able to enjoy everything that a great sex life can offer. But, as we have come know, age and other factors can get in the way of that. That's why the advent of scientifically designed male enhancement supplement are so important to modern men who either just begun or have long experienced the symptoms of sexual dysfunction. The problem that these men face when trying to find the product that's right for them is in trying to figure out which of the seemingly endless choices is the one that's going to do the trick for them.

In looking closely at Vydexafil there are multiple points that must be taken into consideration. The first is that, unlike many of the options available, the company has provided consumers with a details ingredients list and some solid explanations of why these all-natural ingredients were chosen. A second and less positive note is that the lengthy details related to clinical studies and tests do not show that the formulation used in Vydexafil is effective, merely that the ingredients have shown a degree of effectiveness. The third and final key point is that the vast majority of independent user reviews that we came across in our search were of a highly negative nature.

Combining all these facts it is difficult to see how Vydexafil has proven itself to be among the best possible choices when it comes to being a top-tier male enhancement supplement.

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