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TestoMax 200: Does It Really Work?

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So, you've come to realize that you just don't feel like that strong, energetic young guy you used be. You're tired all the time and when it comes to sex you definitely don't have the same enthusiasm you once did. Your erections are harder to come by and when you do get one is just doesn't have the same hardness it once did. Is this unusual for men over thirty? The answer is no. And every year after thirty it's likely to get even worse. So, the question is - what can you do about it? Well, before you can answer that you have to come to grips with the real problem... And it's not that you are just getting older and out of shape. The truth is that you, like every man, are losing testosterone at an ever increasing rate as you age past your peak years and no matter how much you work out and eat right, nothing is really going to change that. That is, unless you find a way to replace that lost testosterone.

I imagine you can see where we're going here. You actually can replace that lost testosterone with a quality male enhancement supplement. The question you really have to ask yourself is which one should you choose? Which one has the right ingredients and the right formula to help you get back your strength, stamina and, most importantly, that sexual drive that used to be so unstoppable? Helping to answer that question, at least in part, is why we're here today. And to do that we're going to take a close look at one of the male enhancement supplements on the market today that is getting a lot of attention. It's called TestoMax 200.

TestoMax 200What Does TestoMax 200 Claim?

  • Natural boost
  • Performance increase during sexual activity
  • Increased stamina and endurance

Inside TestoMax 200

The proprietary blend of ingredients found in TestoMax 200 are kept secret by the manufacturer so it is not possible for us anyone outside the company to know what the exact formulation is but there are certain things we can figure out based on the available information. The main thing we know is that the formula is based on three key all natural ingredients. All these ingredients are, in one form or another, found in many of the top selling male enhancement supplements available on the market today. The problem with that is, unlike many of these top selling brands who clearly state their formulas, no one can really know whether or not TestoMax 200 is as effective as these others. Another thing to consider is that, given the available information, it appears that TestoMax 200 is made entirely of these three ingredients and has no secondary ingredients found in other brands. That could be a good thing or it could be bad. A good thing could be that men with allergies or other health issues could be avoiding unwanted side effects produced by unknown secondary ingredients. A bad thing could be that many of secondary ingredients found in other brands could be critical to their success. With that said, let's take a look at what we do know.

TestoMax 200: The Ingredients

Tongkat Ali 600 MG

The dominant ingredient found in TestoMax 200 is Tongkat Ali. We say dominant because the dosage of 600 milligrams is excessive compared to many of the top performing supplements. The reason for this is unclear but it is reasonable to believe that the manufacturer of TestoMax 200 have decided that Tongkat Ali, which is widely known for its ability to boost the levels of nitric oxide in the blood stream, is vastly more important than any other ingredient in achieving the desired results.

Ginkgo Biloba

Long recognized for its ability to increase libido in men who are past their peak physical years, Ginkgo Biloba is a solid choice for any formula. And, since almost all the top performing brands choose to add a healthy dose of this age old plant extract into their formulas, making it a key element here is probably a wise one.

Ginger Root 50 MG

Sought after for centuries for its properties pertaining to its ability to increase testosterone levels in the bloodstream, Ginger Root is always a finalist when deciding on what to include in a top tier male enhancement supplement. If there is a problem here it is that the apparently small amount included in this formulation would leave a lot of experts wondering what the point of it was.

User Reviews

With the lack of specific information available to really break down the potential benefits of TestoMax 200 we are left with having to find other ways to determine its overall effectiveness relative to the top brands. The best way to do that, as we have always found, is to look at what actual users are saying. With that in mind, we looked at hundreds of online user reviews from sponsored sites and independent sources. Since sponsored sites will obviously choose reviews that are favorable we tended to discount those sources and focus mainly on the independent sources to get a better sense of what the public perception of TestoMax 200 really is.

When we looked at those results it became overwhelmingly clear that the general consensus among actual users was that TestoMax 200 was just not well thought of. The main complaint was simple: It just doesn't work.

Our Conclusion

Way back at the starting of this article we talked about how any man over thirty was bound to eventually feel the effects of lost testosterone not only during sexual activity but even in their everyday life. Ultimately, when one faces this basic truth, the inevitable question we all come to is - what can we do about it. And for those of us who decide that the answer lies in a testosterone boosting male enhancement supplement, the question then becomes which one is right for you.

Examining the features and benefits of TestoMax 200 is pretty easy to do given that there are only three ingredients in its proprietary formula. The good news is that these three ingredients are all natural and are base ingredients for many of the top tier male enhancement pills on the market today. Secondly, again, because these ingredients are all natural, it's likely that a user will experience any unwanted side effects. The bad news for TestoMax 200 is basically all the same points. There are only three known ingredients and, even though they are widely used in many top tier brands, the quantities of the ingredients is unknown because the company has chosen to label their formula as a proprietary blend and, therefore, does not disclose the exact makeup of the supplements. So, without the benefit of that information we decided to base our conclusions on the only thing we could verify - independent user reviews.

What we found there was less than we expected. Unfortunately for TestoMax 200 the vast majority of reviewers that we saw said, in one way or another, that this product just did not produce and notable results even after extended usage.

The bottom line with TestoMax 200 is that it appears the manufacturer believed that a simple formula based on just three well recognized products would be effective, be appealing to the target demographic or both. No matter what their intent the makers of TestoMax 200 seem to have a product that is clearly not providing the kind of results its users are looking for.

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How Does TestoMax 200 Compare?

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