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Roplex was named after the concept that a man could achieve something called “the ropes” when using a certain botanical supplement.

The ropes occur when testosterone production increases, creating more seminal fluid. This makes ejaculatory contractions (roping) increase by leaps and bounds. Some men even experience a shorter refractory period, which will allow them to have multiple orgasms!

Roplex is said to help facilitate the goal of “roping”, a sexual Shangra La for men who desire to intensify their sexual experiences.

Roplex Ingredients

roplexImported from Sweden, the ingredients in Roplex are formulated to elevate the sexual experience, by providing longer, more powerful contractions and increased fluid release during orgasm.

Roplex comes in a 600-milligram tablet consisting of Scandinavian Flower Pollen and Saw Palmetto, well known to produce the effects touted by Roplex manufacturers.

Roplex Results

To see the best results, men should take 1 tablet a day with an 8-ounce glass of water

  • Roplex is cost effective starting at $24.95 for a one month supply
  • Creates more powerful, concentrated contractions
  • Shortens refractory period so you can have another orgasm a lot faster
  • Could provide multiple orgasms
  • Roplex can even help with prostate health.
  • Has a money back guarantee

Does Roplex Work?

Not any major red flags to report; suffice it to say that caveat emptor (let the buyer beware) applies with all purchases, especially when it comes to online products. The Roplex one page website raised our eyebrows - surely the people marketing Roplex could have created a few more pages to answer the question - does Roplex work?

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