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Provacyl Review

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There's no getting around it. At some point you came to realize that you are not the same guy that you used to be. You're not as strong as you once were. You don't have the same level of energy that you once did. You started putting on weight and it wasn't the good kind. That unquenchable thirst that you once had for sex isn't as strong as it once was. And, you may even have experienced some form of mild to moderate sexual dysfunction including trouble forming or maintaining a rock solid erection.

Whether this is something that has been going on for years or it's something that just started recently what you need to know is that you are by no means alone. Yes, this is something that happens to all men to some degree and it often begins around the age of thirty as men reach full maturity. This is when their systems begin to slow down and their capacity to produce testosterone at a high level begins to diminish. And, once it starts, it usually only gets worse as most men lose about two percent of production per year.

The good news is that, over the last decade or so, there have been some significant advances in science that, when combined with some often age old herbal studies, has produced what is now often referred to as the modern male enhancement supplement. Generally made using a set of all-natural ingredients these new health aids are designed to provide the male body with many of the elements that it is no longer producing in sufficient quantities to help boost its capacity to produce testosterone at the same high levels that it once did during a man's teens and twenties.

However, one problem that has arisen from these great advances is that, due to the ever increasing popularity of these supplements, just about any entity with the ability to make a pill and get it onto the market is doing so. It's now to the point where there are literally hundreds of various brands out there and men who are interested in trying one are facing some often very confusing options. A lot of this is based on the fact that most of these products, although often drastically varying in quality, tend to use nearly all the same ingredients and make almost all of the same types of claims.

It's for this reason that we, as part of our ongoing efforts to help our many valued readers find the products that will most likely work best for them, have decided to take a long hard look at one of the most talked about male enhancement supplements on the market today - it's called Provacyl.

ProvacylWhat To Know About Provacyl

Produced and distributed by a company known as Leading Edge Health, Provacyl was created as a male enhancement supplement which claims to offer the key restorative powers associated with most of the best performing products of its type but also adds further claims which are not often associated in many of these other supplements. The main claim is that it uses HGH (Human Growth Hormones) that, even more than the natural herbal ingredients, is a synthetic hormone often applied in medical applications and by a number of high profile athletes and others to help bolster and maintain lean muscle mass. It must also be noted that in most cases HGH is considered a banned substance by professional sports leagues and institutions and so is, without question more than controversial.

In general, Provacyl is known to make a large number of claims that could seem far too good to be true by some but does seem, when considering the entirety of the ingredients label shown on the official Provacyl website, to offer a wide array of ingredients well-respected by many in the industry as helpful with many issues facing men who have move past the physical primes.

Active Ingredients In Provacyl

An examination of the active ingredients in Provacyl reveals that it contains a solid list of well-respected elements common to the most recognized brands on the market. They include:

  • ZMA: Often referred to as zinc monomethionine aspartate, magnesium aspartate and vitamin B6 (as pyridoxine) this is included to bolster overall health, build lean muscle mass and increase energy levels in aging men.
  • Magnesium Aspartate: As cited in a 1998 study this essential mineral is found to improve the performance of athletic test subjects during extended periods of high stress levels. It has also been shown to improve testosterone levels.
  • Vitamin B6: Exhibiting properties that increase overall health and provide a positive influence on the absorption and release of other elements including testosterone and HGH.
  • D-Aspartic Acid: This long established and essential amino acid is included because of its stated effects on key parts of the brain which is known to cause the release of a variety of hormones including LH, HGH and testosterone in quantities as high as sixty percent in claims made on the Provacyl website.

Some additional ingredients include but are not limited to multiple vitamins to boost overall health, Gingko Biloba and Korean Ginseng, to help improve blood flow and sexual drive and various synthesized elements such as L-Arginine and L- Lysine which are often associated with muscle building supplements.

What The Clinical Data Says

As most consumers know the ingredients in a product have great bearing on its overall effectiveness but that is only half of the equation. The other half has to do with the way in which those ingredients are formulated. To illustrate this one could say that a product with the best ingredients but formulated in insufficient quantities is not likely to be very effective. To know how a product is likely to perform one should look at any available data related to research, studies and clinical trials that may have been performed.

In a search of the Provacyl official website and other outside sources we could not locate any such data that would support the many claims being made for this product.

Independent User Reviews

Obviously, many companies like to use testimonials and user reviews as a way to promote their products but those that appear on official product websites and other marketing materials come with an inherent bias because they appear on platforms controlled by the seller who is highly unlikely to use any negative comments. This being the case we set out to find sources of less biased comments.

Reviewing a number of industry sites and chat rooms discussing male enhancement products we found a large array of Provacyl reviews. Calculating the overall ratings it was clear that the majority of them were negative in nature with the most common comments centering on the belief that Provacyl simply did not deliver on its promises.

Is Provacyl Safe To Use?

As discussed earlier, the inclusion of HGH in the Provacyl formula does draw some criticism and could be considered a non-starter for many. With that in mind it is always advisable to seek a consultation with a physician or other qualified medical professional before beginning use.

Buying Provacyl

Using what we would consider a coercive method of purchasing the sellers of Provacyl do not list their pricing on their website. Instead they require interested consumers to call and speak to a representative which opens them up to a sales pitch.

Our Final Thoughts

In the end there are just three things that need to be examined in order to know how Provacyl stacks up against its competition. The first is the ingredients list which is comparable to many top performers. The second is the formulation which does not have any documentation that would support the product's many claims. The third is what independent user reviews have to say which are most negative in nature.

All in all, it seems apparent that Provacyl is not currently one of the best available options for men seeking to improve their testosterone production capacity.

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