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ZyaTropin Review

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Whether it started recently or a long time ago there is no escaping the fact that you just don't feel the same way about sex that you did in the past. Most likely it started with a sense that you just didn't have the same kind of all out drive for sex that you did during your younger days and, if it's been going on long enough, it may have progressed to the point where you are experiencing some actual physical symptoms associated with erectile dysfunction. No matter what the case is there is one thing that must be understood by every man going through this type of situation - that is that nearly every man at some point in time will have to deal with these problems in his life.

In most cases, at the core of it all, the real culprit is these cases is a natural loss of testosterone producing power in men which generally begins sometime after their move past their prime physical years and increases at an average rate of about two percent per year. Now, this type of thing has been going on since the dawn of man but up until just the last few decades there was basically nothing that could be done about it. But, all of that changed when some new science related to herbal studies changed everything and gave the world what we now know as the modern male enhancement supplement.

For those of you who may not have heard much about or anything about these new health aids they are generally non-prescription and, in most cases, made with all-natural ingredients. And, nearly all of them are designed to help aging men replenish the lost elements that are necessary for the high level production of testosterone. This is critical because not only is testosterone crucial to having a strong sense of sexual desire and the ability to perform like a champion in the bedroom it is also essential to the ability to build and maintain a large amount of lean muscle mass and to burn fat at a high rate.

Despite all of these great developments there is one problem that has become a cloud hanging over the industry as a whole in the fact that male enhancement products have become so popular and successful that nearly every company with the ability to create a pill and bring it to market has done in an attempt to cash in on what has become a multi-billion industry. And, as it turns out, many of these newer products are now being shown to be considerably less effective and, in some cases, less safe than many of the most highly rated products that this industry has to offer. As one would suspect, this has resulted in a great many male consumers being quite frustrated and disappointed with their attempts to find a product that will truly get the job done for them.

Knowing all of this we, as a part of our continuing efforts to help our many valued readers find the products that will likely work best for them, have decided to take a long hard look at one of the most talked about male enhancers out on the market today - it's called ZyaTropin.

About ZyaTropin


This product is manufactured and distributed worldwide by an entity called PhytoHealth USA and in conjunction with a certain Dr. Wichai Cherdshewasart of Thailand, ZyaTropin is claimed to have been formulated with a quite ambitious set of goals as claimed in the text put placed on its official product website. The producers also claim that they have taken on a number of issues than most men want but that many of its competitors do not. In essence most male enhancement products tend to focus on helping men increase their feelings of sexual desire or and bolster their capacity to achieve and keep a rock solid erection while also giving them the stamina and endurance to perform as they had in the physical prime.

To restate this, keeping with many of the claims stated on the official product website, ZyaTropin can provide all of that and much more while growing the size of a man's penis, lead to higher levels of semen production that would lead to even more powerful and longer lasting orgasms. Additional claims also include faster recovery periods to increase the number of sexual interactions which can be achieved.

ZyaTropin Ingredients List

Even though the makers of ZyaTropin has decided to make the two main active ingredients known to consumers they have also decided to keep the full list of ingredients and the overall formulation a proprietary secret. Below are the two main active ingredients and some basic information as to their generalized benefits.

Butea Superba: Well established within the industry as a booster of sexual drive this all-natural organic material was originally discovered in Asia is a core ingredient in many of the highest rated products on the male enhancement supplement market.

L- Carnitine: Highly regarded as a top rated element utilized to increase blood flow including to the penile chambers this critical amino acid is essential to improved male sexual performance.

Research And Testing

Based on a review of all of the available information both from the official product website for ZyaTropin plus several outside sources we could not find any data based on research, studies or clinical testing that would support the many claims being made for this product.

Actual User Reviews

As with many products of this type ZyaTropin utilizes many user testimonials on its official product website as a way to prove to potential users just how much their existing customer base approves of their experience with this product. As one would expect, many of these consumers know that testimonials or user reviews of these kind and which are viewed on a site that was created by the producer tend to have what would have to be an obvious and inherent bias as the producer is not likely to use any user comments of this nature which would be anything but glowingly positive. Knowing this we always seek out sources for more independent user reviews.

In a search of multiple industry related websites not known to have any affiliation to ZyaTropin or PhytoHealth USA plus numerous online forums and chat rooms known to discuss male enhancement products we found a large cache of independent user reviews. Taking them as a whole we determined that the vast majority of them were quite negative. Digging deeper we found that the most prominent theme among them was that these independent users did not believe that they received any significant or lasting benefits even among those that used the product for a month or more.

Medical Issues

A look back at the known ingredients we can say that they are well established in the industry but since they are incomplete it is impossible to characterize this product as safe. This being the case it is always best to seek out a consultation with a primary care physician or other qualified medical professional before beginning a daily regimen of this product or any similar product.

How And Where To Buy ZyaTropin

At $39.99 for a one month supply this product is moderately priced compared to its competition. At the time of this publication the product is only available for purchase through its own official product website.

The ZyaTropin Conclusion

If a man wants stronger sexual desire and help in enlarging his penis then a high quality male enhancement supplement designed for this purpose is probably his best bet. The question here is whether ZyaTropin fits into that category. To determine this we chose to look at three core factors.

The first was the set of ingredients and, as we showed, the incomplete information makes it impossible to truly assess how ZyaTropin stacks up against its competition. The second was to look at whatever data may be available regarding research, studies or clinical trials and here we found no evidence of any such publicly available materials. The final factor dealt with what independent user reviews had to say and the results of our search showed that the large majority of them did not have a high opinion of this product.

Taking all of these factors into consideration is appears clear that ZyaTropin has not yet arrived at the point where it can be thought of as one of the leading products for men seeking help with lowered testosterone and a lagging sex life.

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How Does ZyaTropin Compare?

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