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FB1-Test Testosterone Booster Review

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Since you're reading this you are either a guy who has recently recognized that you are just not the man you used to be and you have decided it's time to do something about it or you're one who has known it for a long time, has been searching for something that will get you there but still haven't found it. In either case you're on the right track. For men, especially those over thirty, the natural process of aging is going to catch up with you no matter what you do. Still, you don't just have to take it lying down. First of all, you can do all the common sense things like eat healthier and get more exercise, but if just slowing down the aging process just a little isn't good enough for you then there are ways to enhance your results - They're called male enhancement supplements and the key thing about them is that they provide something no regular diet or exercise can - A massive boost to your falling testosterone levels.

Now, as any man who's done his basic research knows, one the average male hits thirty their levels testosterone begin to fall at about two to three percent per year: every year. And the reason this is a real problem is that testosterone is the very hormone that makes a man a man. So, without it you begin to slowly lose lean muscle mass, stamina, endurance, sexual drive or libido and even the ability to form a big strong erection. Now, you probably know that there are remedies for that but the question everyman has to ask himself is - why would I want to take a pill just to get an erection when I could take a pill, work out a little, be naturally stronger, more muscular, be more energetic, just plain sexy and be able to get an erection anytime I want? So, for those who like the second idea better it's time to talk about finding the male enhancement supplement that's going to help you get the job done.

As always, as part of our ongoing effort to help our readers find the product that is right for you, we are here to take a long hard look at one of the most talked about male enhancement products available on the market today - FB1-Test Testosterone Booster.

FB1-TestFB1-Test Basics

Looking at the one page official website for FB1-Test you will find a lot of fantastic claims promising the full boat of everything a man would want in a male enhancement supplement from increased lean muscle mass to increased endurance and stamina to improved libido and ability to get and sustain a rock hard erection. Now, all that sounds great there are a few things that should jump out at you immediately. The first is that there is no information that we could find specifying the ingredients contained in the product and our external searches for a listing of the ingredients anywhere else on the internet came up empty as well.

Forgetting about this lack of basic information then leads us to the fact that we could find no evidence of clinical studies that support any of the incredible claims put forth by FB1-Test regarding various percentages in improvements such as to the growth of lean muscle mass, endurance or reduced recovery times after workouts.

It must also be noted that all of the before and after images shown on the official order site and other "feeder" sites that come up in searches are not actually users of FB1-Test. We know this because that pesky fine print at the bottom of pages states that the images they use are of models and do not represent actual results for a typical user of the product.

FB1-Test User Reviews

One of the things that we like to do when possible, especially when there is little or no evidence available from clinical studies, is to do a search of sites and chat rooms that are not affiliated with the company or product at hand in order to get a better sense of what actual and unbiased users are telling us all about their experience. In the case of FB1-Test that is critical because they do not, as far as we could find, offer any user reviews themselves on their sites.

When it comes to what we found in our search of unaffiliated sites the results show that most user reviews had little good to say about their experiences with FB1-Test. In fact, the majority of user reviews we encountered had a distinctly negative tone. Although many noted that they did see some results as far as an improvement in the overall fitness most attributed it to the fact that, along with taking the supplement, they has actually made a significant change in their lifestyles by making notable changes to both the diets and the exercise habits.

Our Analysis

Based on the highly unusual lack of information available on FB1-Test either in the way of a list of ingredients that can be examined and analyzed or on data from any kind of clinical study it is difficult to make any kind of judgement as to the scientifically proven effects of the product. We must stress that this complete lack of transparency on the part of the producers of FB1-Test is rather mystifying to us. We say this because, generally even the lowest quality male enhancement products tend to offer the potential buyer some kind of ingredients list, even if vague, as a way to give a sense of credibility and a selling tool. After all, it's far better to say that your product is chock full of natural this and rare but potent that than to make vague claims with nothing behind it but unsubstantiated percentages in improvements.

When it comes to user reviews our analysis does not get any brighter. By all appearances, the only real and unbiased users stated that they only saw notable results if they made big changes in their eating and workout habits. No this could be considered a plus for FB1-Test as it does state that results will be shown if combining their product with these kind of lifestyle changes. On the other hand, supplement or no supplement, anyone who goes out and revamps his lifestyle to improve his diet and physical regimen is going to see some improvement in the way he looks and feels.

Finally, looking at the pricing structure and special offers made by FB1-Test it is clear that this product is on the high end for supplements of a similar nature and the purchasing structure has the potential for dissatisfied customers to become even more so.

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