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Increase Semen Volume

increase ejaculate volume

An increase in semen volume has several positive effects on a man's sexual performance and satisfaction. Men who release more ejaculate fluid during orgasms have a much greater likelihood of feeling intense pleasure and an increased duration of climax. The more semen a man's body releases, the better his chances for experiencing a high number of orgasmic contractions and the possibility of achieving a multiple series of orgasms. The concentration and volume of seminal fluid can be raised significantly through consuming certain foods and taking herbal supplements or pills.

Foods that increase semen volume

endowmax, male enhancers Oysters are one type of food that is known to increase the production of semen. This is attributed to the fact that oysters are naturally high in zinc, a mineral that stimulates the generation of sperm cells. Zinc can also be found in foods such as nuts, seeds, wheat, barley, red meat, turkey and lamb. Semen volume can also be increased through the consumption of fruits and vegetables which contain folic acid. Both citrus fruits and green vegetables such as okra, broccoli, and asparagus are key folic acid sources. Foods which are high in lycopene (guava, pink grapefruit, tomatoes) and certain amino acids (poultry, tuna, egg whites) have shown to be quite effective in raising the amount of semen output during ejaculation.

How to increase semen volume

While eating beneficial foods alone definitely helps to increase semen and ejaculate fluid, adding specific herbal supplements can help this process along at a quicker rate. Herbs that contribute to the male enhancement experience can be found in products such as Quantum Pills. These pills are formulated from herbal extracts of horny goat weed, ginkgo biloba, and maca root, in addition to catuaba bark, Swedish flower pollen, and muira puama. Herbal supplements have helped many men realize their greatest potential for strong orgasms as a result of maximal semen production.

Semen volume pills

There are quite a few brands of increase semen volume pills on the market. All of these climax enhancers perform differently, but in regard to increasing semen production by an extensive amount, Quantum Pills have been proven to work wonders. Men who have taken these pills can attest to experiencing more powerful orgasms, the ability to climax more than once during a sex session, and a prolonged feeling of pleasure that results from ejaculating more fluid than was possible prior to taking the semen pills. Quantum Pills work directly on the testicles and prostate to promote the circulation of sperm in the body, and are highly recommended for any man who would like to heighten his orgasmic contractions.

Semen volume pills reviews

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