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Ageless Male Review

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You remember when you had all the energy in the world. You could party like there was no tomorrow and then do what had to be done the next day no matter what. And, when it came to having a good time in the bedroom there was never any doubt as to how you would perform and when you did it was like a champion. You never thought about whether or not you wanted to have sex - the only question was where could you do it and how much time did you have. Then something changed - it might have been a while ago or it may have been something that you have started to sense. It may have been a mild, barely perceptible feeling or it may have been an incident that was clear and something that you couldn't ignore, The bottom line is that, at some point, you started to question your sexual drive and maybe even your ability to perform.

There's no getting around it - if you feel like you're losing a step especially in the bedroom, then the most likely case is that you have begun to feel the effects of mild to moderate sexual dysfunction. Now, this may sound like a terrible thing and it always has been for men throughout the ages and all around the world but the good news is that just a few short years ago something happened that would change what it means to be a man forever.

What every guy needs to know is that at some point usually beginning around the age of thirty most men start to lose their capacity to produce the critical male hormone called testosterone at the same kind of high level that they once did during their peak physical years during their teens and twenties. And, left unchecked this will continue at a rate of about two percent per year. This is important because testosterone is largely responsible for providing men with most of the traits that distinguish them as masculine creatures. It helps them to build large quantities of lean muscle mass and allows them to burn unwanted fat at a high rate. It also helps to provide men with a high level of sexual drive and the energy, stamina and endurance to perform well in the bedroom.

The good news is that in recent years some new science has combined with some often age old herbal studies to produce what is now called the modern male enhancement supplement. Usually make with all-natural ingredients these non-prescription heath aids are almost always designed to provide the elements necessary to kick start the testosterone production capabilities in men whose systems have begun to falter and get them back to being the guys that they always wanted to be.

The bad news is that because these products have become so popular and successful all over the globe that just about any company with the capacity to produce a pill and put it up for sale on the market has done or is about to do so. And, given that most of them claim to use nearly identical ingredients and sets of claims it has led to a lot of confusion among men seeking a high quality solution to their issues with a loss of testosterone.

Keeping that in mind we, as a part of our continuing efforts to help our many valued readers find the products that will most likely work best for them, have decided to take a long hard look at one of the most talked about male enhancers on the market today - it's called Ageless Male.

Ageless MaleAgeless Male Basics

Ageless Male strays from the beaten path in comparison to most of the highest rated male enhancement supplements because of the choice of ingredients which the manufacturer has elected to employ. Unlike most other products of this kind which tend to use a variety of formulas derived from certain herbs and extracts with a real track record of positive results in the production of testosterone production, Ageless Male has chosen to go with a simpler set of vitamins and minerals as well as a laundry list of natural ingredients including coffee bean extract, green tea extract, broccoli sprout extract and numerous other extracts and powders.

Core Elements Of Ageless Male

The long set of vitamins and minerals incorporated into the production of Ageless Male appears to have more in common with a general multivitamin than the average male enhancement supplement but also includes Vitamin D3, Niacin, Vitamin B6, Vitamin B12 and Zinc.

Research, Studies And Trials

Visitors to the official product website for Ageless male will find a large amount of information related to the ingredients, their history and their uses. They will even see claims stating that they have all been clinically tested but that statement is somewhat misleading. To be clear what is being said is that the individual ingredients have been studied numerous times over the years to assess their overall safety and effectiveness. However, this does not mean that they have been researched, studied or subject to clinical trials as part of the actual formulation which is used to make Ageless Male.

Reviewing all the available data provided by the producers of this product as well as other outside sources we could find no links to any research, studies or clinical trials that may have been performed which would support the many claims being made for this product.

Ageless Male Reviews

Over the years testimonials and user reviews have become one of the most trusted forms of sales pitches that consumers gravitate to. This explains why nearly every company and product has come to rely on them so heavily. The problem with that lies in the fact that when these comments are used on websites and in marketing materials which are created by and controlled by the seller, which they so often are, they are subject to an obvious and inherent bias which renders them unusable for our purposes. With this being the case we tend to look for more independent sources of user reviews.

Conducting a search of numerous industry websites that have no apparent affiliation to Ageless Male or its producer as well as multiple forums and chat rooms which discuss male enhancement supplements we found a large number of independent user reviews. Looking at the overall ratings it was plain to see that a clear majority of them did not believe that this product performed up to expectations.

How Safe Is Ageless Male?

Referring back to the listing of ingredients in this product we could find no reason to believe that there would be any serious medical risks for otherwise healthy men based on the fact that those ingredients are widely used in numerous products. Still, it is always advisable to seek out a consultation with a primary care physician or other qualified medical professional before starting a daily regimen of this or any other similar product.

Purchasing Ageless Male

The producers of this product offer a free trial program but do charge for shipping and handling. At the time of publication a one month supply after the free trial period is $49.95.

Ageless Male: The Conclusion

There are millions of men all around the world seeking help in dealing with their diminishing ability to produce high levels of testosterone and the symptoms of mild to moderate sexual dysfunction that comes as a result of that. In most cases a high quality male enhancement supplement designed to boost testosterone levels is the fastest and lowest cost answer. The key question here is whether Ageless Male is one of the best the industry has to offer. To know this we looked at three core aspects.

One is the ingredients used in its production and from what we have seen Ageless Male is highly comparable to the top ranked products on the market. Another aspect relates to the formulation of those ingredients and, as we discussed earlier, we could not find any data from any sources which would show that Ageless Male has been the subject of any research, studies or clinical trials which would support the claims being made for the product. The third aspect is how independent user reviews have rated the product and, here, there is no doubt that those actual and unbiased users did not recommend Ageless Male.

At the heart of this matter it appears clear that the makers of Ageless Male have a long way to go in order to make this product one of the best options for men seeking to improve their overall strength and their sex lives in general.

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How Does Ageless Male Compare?

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