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Elite Test 360 Review

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For men who have come to recognize that they are not the same energetic and sexually driven and potent men they were when they were in their physical prime it can be a hard thing to accept that those days are over. And for the guys who have come to decide that they are not about to take the whole getting older thing lying down there are number of options available to help them get back on that horse and get back to being the man they have always envisioned themselves as being. For most of these men, especially those who may be experiencing mild to moderate sexual dysfunction which could be showing itself as a lowered sex drive or in more advanced cases as issues with achieving and maintaining firm erections, the most likely scenario is that they just need to find a high quality male enhancement supplement.

For those men who have yet to discover what's been happening with these supplements over the last decade or so what they really need to know is that there have been some great advances in recent years which have led to a combination of new science and some very old herbal remedies that, by their very nature, are generally made with all-natural ingredients designed to boost some of the systems within a man's body which tend to start slowing down sometime around the age of thirty. The most prominent of these systems is the one that produces testosterone at a high level as we turn from boys into men and help us build lean muscle mass, convert fat into energy and give us our top level sex drive or libido and the stamina and endurance to carry out our masculine duties with great desire and verve.

A big issue that men facing such a drop off in testosterone production and with the desire to try a male enhancement supplement is the fact that there are literally hundreds of such products on the market and trying to determine which of them delivers on their promises is getting harder and harder by the day. This is due mainly to the fact that many companies with the ability to produce a pill want to get in on the action that the multi-billion dollar health supplement boom has brought on. After all, with millions and millions of men all around the world discovering the benefits of the male enhancement supplement and no real barriers to marketing one it's no wonder there are so many choices available.

This being the case, we, as part of our ongoing efforts to help our readership find the products that will likely work best for them, have decided to take a long hard look at one of the most talked about male enhancement supplements available today - Elite Test 360.

Elite Test 360A Look Inside Elite Test 360

Like most formulations for male enhancement Elite Test 360 is designed to boost the production of testosterone in men who would either like to maximize their performance in both life and in the bedroom or to restore some of that which may have been lost due to the slowdown of these systems. It does so by using a set of ingredients similar to many other top levels male enhancement supplements but with its own unique twist on many other common formulations. The ingredients include AAKG and Tribulus Extract which are believed to aid in the creation of lean muscle mass especially when combined with strenuous physical regimens and healthy dietary choices. This is due to the fact that these ingredients are combined to enhance the body's own natural capacity to burn fat. A secondary benefit is that it was formulated to bolster the male sex drive and increase performance when used as recommended.

Active Ingredients

There are only two major active ingredients used in the formulation of Elite Test 360. They are:

Tribulus Terrestris: This ingredient has long been believed to greatly improve the production of testosterone by stimulating the Luteinizing Hormone (LH) which speeds up the production of testosterone in the body. This natural herb, long used as an aphrodisiac, can be considered this genesis of every male enhancement product on the market today.

Alpha-Ketoglutarate (AAKG): A major aspect of testosterone production is based on the production of nitric oxide which is responsible for carrying oxygen and nutrients through the bloodstream to all the major organs, muscle groups and, importantly, the penile chambers which are crucial to the formation and maintenance of firm and usable erections. AAKG which is derived from L-Arginine, is the active ingredient that dictates the production of nitric oxide.

Clinical Research, Studies And Trials

One thing that anyone considering the use of a male enhancement supplement must understand is that there is a great deal of difference between the ingredients used in a product and the formulation by which those ingredients are blended to become the end product. In short, it does not matter how good the ingredients are if they are formulated in such a way that renders them less than highly effective or in a manner that causes them to cancel the full benefits that they may provide.

In the case of Elite Test 360 there is no credible or verifiable research, studies or clinical trials that we have found that would support the claims made as to the effectiveness of this product.

Independent User Reviews

It's a well-known fact that most companies like to use testimonials from their customers as a tool to convince potential customers of their product's effectiveness or quality. Although there may be some merit to those testimonials they are also biased by the very fact that they are hand selected by the company for posting on their official websites and other promotional materials. This being the case we tend to look for sources of less biased reviews.

In a review of multiple websites with industry ties and several chat rooms discussing male enhancement supplements we discovered a large amount of independent user reviews. Looking at them en masse it became clear that the vast majority of them could only be classified as negative in nature when discussing Elite Test 360. The most often seen comments seemed to focus on the fact that these users did not experience the type of benefits that they believed the product claimed.

Purchasing Elite Test 360

At the time of writing the average cost of a one month supply of this product was $49.98 as found on multiple outlets from the Elite Test 360 official website to secondary outlets such as Amazon.com.

The Final Verdict

Looking at the options for men who are seeking help with mild to moderate sexual dysfunction there are far too many of them. Still, choosing one is essential to having a full and meaningful life in general and in the bedroom particularly. Taking Elite Test 360 by itself we looked at what it had to offer and, in review, we have found that there are a few critical factors that must be examined in order know if it is one of the best available choices for men.

The first of these factors is that the ingredients used in Elite Test 360 seem to stack up well against many of its competitors. The second is that the lack of documentation regarding any research, studies or clinical trials having been performed on the actual formulation used to produce this product. The third is the fact that the vast majority of the independent user reviews that we discovered were of a highly negative nature. Taking all of this evidence into consideration it appears that Elite Test 360 is not, at this time, one of the best available options on the market today for men seeking help with testosterone production and mild to moderate sexual dysfunction.

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