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PHGH Review: How Safe And Effective Is It?

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You are over thirty years of age, maybe well over, and the very thought of having sex with your partner produces a visceral sense of anxiety because you know that your ability to achieve and maintain a full and firm erection is more than just a question mark. Not only that, you feel like every time you start to think about your mind seems like it's just jumped onto some kind of psychological treadmill where you just seem to cycle round and round with thoughts revolving from I think I can get and keep an erection to yeah, but what if I can't. This is where the psychological battle goes into loop mode and you begin to think it's just better to forget about having sex, at all.

PHGHThe problem with this train of thought is simply that it puts you on path to major disappointment not only for you but for your partner, as well. Let's face it, sex is a major part of what it means to be human, to be alive, and no one wants to give that up. Because, frankly, without the excitement and closeness that comes with this very special kind of human contact life just isn't the same.

Fortunately, we are lucky enough to live in a time where science has developed multiple ways to deal with this problem. There are pharmaceutical medications that, if you are healthy enough and have a good deal of money or good health insurance, you can get a prescription for drugs like Viagra and Cialis that will all but certainly provide you with a quite usable erection pretty much on demand. Now, as any well informed adult male knows, there serious potential health risks involved in using these drugs but for many men that is not a major concern.

If health risks or any of the other problems are an issue for you or you want to approach the problem from a cheaper, less expensive and safer way then maybe you would want to look more closely at a high quality male enhancement supplement. These remedies have been around in one form or another since men first began seeing medicine men in ancient times. The difference now is that science has allowed us to understand how and why these mostly herbal based formulas achieve the results they do. The only real question for men looking to try one is - which one will work for me?

So, as part of our ongoing efforts to help our readers, we have decided to take a good long look at one of the most talked about male enhancement supplement available today - it's called PHGH.

Inside PHGH

PHGH claims to be an all-natural male enhancement supplement produced by and under the direction of adult film star John Lawrence. In fact, the official website for PHGH is built around a marketing strategy that relies on John Lawrence's experience and belief in his product. He claims repeatedly that he has developed a very specific five ingredient formula that is the best in the world. Further, he claims that this five ingredient formula must be taken in this exact mixture to achieve the maximum results. Apparently, these five ingredients, taken all together, and without any fewer or any more ingredients is the absolute perfect blend that will take any man to the level they desire.

The Five Ingredients

It should be noted that these ingredients are common to many of the most popular brands of male enhancement products available today. They include:

  • Tribulus Terrestris: Known for its ability to increase critical production of testosterone this herb may be the single most popular ingredient in any top rated male enhancement formula.
  • Arginine - An essential amino acid needed to raise the level of nitric oxide in the bloodstream which increases the amount of oxygen and nutrients to muscle tissue and organs to promote greater blood flow and build stamina.
  • Tongkat Ali - A powerful that is used to boost libido by helping to raise the production of testosterone and dopamine which is a major contributor to achieving positive mental stimuli.
  • Epimedium (aka Horny Goat Weed) - Long revered in Chinese herbal medicine for its effect in creating enhanced blood flow and opening up constricted blood vessels.
  • Maca - Added to promote the production of high volumes of semen which, in turn, leads to greater orgasms because of the need for greater contractions in the sex organs to fully ejaculate the higher volumes.

Clinical Research

Normally, a company promoting a high quality and top ranked male enhancement supplement would include a number of references to clinical research and trials that offered scientific information to back up the claims of their product. In the case of PHGH there is no such information displayed on the site nor is there any mention of these kinds of studies.

What the company focuses on, instead, are the claims of John Lawrence who strongly states that it is his belief that it is his adherence to procuring his five very specific ingredients directly from purveyors who give him access to the purest sources of these ingredients. Therefore, other, less pure sources cannot deliver the purest, freshest and most potent supplies of these five key elements.

PHGH User Reviews

Another category of items not found on the official PHGH website are any reviews or testimonials for actual users. Apparently, the strategy behind their marketing campaign is to rely solely on the star power of John Lawrence. This may work to satisfy some potential customers but many may want to know that the people who are purchasing this product have good things to say about the results they are getting.

Despite the lack of user reviews provided by the manufacturer, we set out to find some reviews from other and more independent sources. What we found was that there are quite a few people online who have a lot to say about their experiences with PHGH and the majority of them are rather negative - not so much for the fact that anything bad came out of it or that they had bad things to say about John Lawrence or the company - it's just that the overall nature of these user reviews was that they did not feel as if the results lived up to the claims.

The Final Verdict

Simply because men over thirty naturally have an increasingly difficult time desiring, achieving and maintain an erection doesn't mean that they don't want all those things. That being the case, there are choices and they come down to either using a prescription medication to artificially produce an erection so that a man can confidently perform sexually even if the mental aspects of sexual arousal are bypassed in the process or using a supplement that restores the testosterone and other key elements that allow a man to truly feel that mental trigger of sexual excitement that then triggers the dopamine and blood flow that makes the highly enjoyable sex the most popular activity for just about any man on earth.

When it comes to PHGH, there is some merit to the claims made by John Lawrence and the company regarding the types of ingredients they use but the main claim that these five, and only these five ingredients are the only thing a man suffering from erectile dysfunction should take is seemingly baseless given the complete lack of supporting clinical research on their purportedly unique formula. Add to that the complete lack of user reviews on the site and the abundance of negative reviews found elsewhere on the web and the picture becomes considerably clearer.

The bottom line here is that BHGH may have a formula that works well but it needs to find the kind of research that supports those claims and work to improve its image among users before it can be considered among the best in its class.

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