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Maxoderm Cream

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Maxoderm cream is a topical male enhancement product that, when used properly, can produce real results in as little as sixty seconds. Consistent use will provide even greater enhancement, therefore long-term application is encouraged. In time, your erections will be thicker, stronger and last longer.

The lotion can also be used during masturbatory or partnered sex, and is said to aid in male reproductive health.

How so?

Recently, scientists in Australia have discovered that masturbation is a good way to prevent prostate cancer. This is largely due to the fact that prostate ducts are routinely flushed out, keeping this important organ healthy.

Since Maxoderm customers are told to use their product during self-stimulation, they are, in turn, increasing male sexual health and lowering the risk of cancer!

Users are instructed to massage a quarter-sized dab directly onto the penis for approximately 5-10 minutes while masturbating. You can also use Maxoderm during sex play.

About Maxoderm Cream

Maxoderm CreamMaxoderm delivers a targeted dose of ingredients that will produce a “warming” or “tingling” feeling. Usage appears to be relatively simple if time consumptive. In a series of applications called the “Initial Integration Phase” a Maxoderm user has to apply the lotion a certain amount of times per week.

Example, for the first week, you must apply Maxoderm 4 times. Week 2 to 3 you must apply it 5 times, week 4-6 apply it 6 times and so on and so on.

Directly after the initial integration phase, which takes several months, you would have to apply Maxoderm for 1-3 times a week to maintain your gains. Some people have experienced significant gains in as little as four weeks, but results often vary from person to person.

Maxoderm Website

Barmensen Labs and Dr Michael A. Savino, M.D., F.A.C.S., a leading urological surgeon in New York, seems to have developed a solid product.

Customers have numerous special offers to choose from when ordering. They can buy one tube of Maxoderm and get one free, obtaining two tubes for $39.99. There is also a buy three and get three free offer that comes in at right around $147.99. The offer includes free travel packs, which are single-dose applications of Maxoderm cream.

There are other offers as well, so feel free to shop around.

Maxoderm Ingredients

The ingredients in the Maxoderm formula are as follows:

Water, helianthus, sunflower seed oil, glycine soja (soy) bean oil, stearic acid, sodium bicarbonate, citric acid, methyl salicylate, cetearyl alcohol, aloe, barbadensis leaf juice, green tea leaf extract, l-arginine, panax ginseng extract, muira puama extract, white nettle extract, saw palmetto fruit extract, maca root extract, erythroxylum catauba extract, rosemary leaf extract, grapefruit seed extract, lecithin, methylparaben, propylparaben, tocopheryl acetate (vitamin E), ascorbyl palmitate (vitamin C), zinc oxide, methyl nicotinate, xanthan gum, fragrance.

Because the Maxoderm ingredients include sunflower seed oil and soy bean oil, it's not recommended that Maxoderm be used with latex condoms. Oils can degrade latex. For this reason, even though Maxoderm is a water-based formula, the Maxoderm website states that the formula has not been tested to determine its effects on condom strength.

In addition, it is important to note that Maxoderm is not a contraceptive and does not help to prevent pregnancy.