Enhancers for Men: Creams & Oil

What is Penis Enlargement?

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Simply put, penis enlargement involves increasing the dimensions of your penis - both length and girth - for the purposes of giving your lover a more satisfying sexual experience. Whether you're worried about failing to measure up length-wise or you're concerned that you may have a "pencil-thin" member, there are easy and affordable ways to help you meet your penis enlargement goals.

Exercises for Penis Enlargement

Jelqing - Jelqing is a specialized technique for massaging your member while semi-erect in order to push more blood into the tissues of the penis. In theory, the jelqing technique forces these tissues to expand in a permanent way, which allows more blood to flow into your penis while it is erect, thereby giving you larger erections. While some men swear by the technique, others have tried jelqing with lackluster results. It is also extremely tedious and time-consuming, with no clinical evidence to back up its claims. While many men start off the male enhancement journey jelqing, they quickly discover it does not provide the penis enlargement they are looking for.

PC Muscle Exercises - There are many physical benefits to your overall male health if you perform PC exercises on a regular basis. For older men, they can help improve prostate health and reduce incontinence. For men of all ages, they can help you last longer in bed and give you stronger erections. However, like jelqing, you have to perform these exercises on a daily basis and dedicate several minutes each day to the process in order to get and maintain any positive results.

Penis Enlargement Devices

endowmax, male enhancersPenis Pumps - Penis pumps work by isolating your member in an air-tight glass tube and creating a vacuum, causing your penis to expand and allowing more blood to flow into your erection. The problem with pumps, however, is that you have to use it every time you want to have sex - which means interrupting your love-making for several mood-killing minutes while you attach a device to your manhood in order to "pump it up". Some men who have used penis pumps also report experiencing acute pain from over-pumping. Penis pumps are more frequently used to help sustain an erection than for penis enlargement.

Cock Rings - Using a cock ring in order to increase the size of your penis involves placing an elastic or rigid ring around the base of your member in order to 'trap' blood inside of it for larger, stronger, longer-lasting erections. However, if the ring is too tight, it may become difficult to remove, which can cause serious medical complications in rare cases. Also, if you aren't properly 'man-scaped', the ring could become painfully tangled up in your pubic hair.

Traction Devices - Commonly referred to as "penis stretchers", these devices aim to stretch out your penis while flaccid in order to make it longer. However, results are mixed. Some men report moderate gains of around 1/2", but it can take several months to a year for even that much progress (if you see any progress at all). Others reported that they lost girth, which is the exact opposite of penis enlargement!

Penis Enlargement Creams

Penis enlargement creams are a better solution, but are still imperfect. A high-quality penis enlargement cream will be made from all-natural ingredients which are safe for regular use. Unfortunately, penis enlargement creams can be messy and can get wiped off, decreasing the amount of benefit experienced. While male enhancement creams provide great results on their own, many men prefer to use pills and creams together.

Penis Enlargement Pills

Penis enlargement pills are by far the best option for serious, permanent male enhancement. The more effective pills on the market are composed of natural herbs and botanicals which are safe for everyday use. Several manufacturers offer money-back guarantees for first-time customers, which eliminates any financial risk to you. And best of all, your gains will be permanent.

If you're ready to get serious about your male enhancement goals, head on over to our Product Reviews section and find the male enhancement pill that's right for you.